Example right sidebar layout.
Lactose, a milk sugar, is removed from whey during the concentration process. The United States produces several types and grades of lactose products to meet the varying functional and nutritional needs of end-users. U.S. suppliers can also formulate custom products and blends. This section discusses the different types of lactose, its functional characteristics, and some of the many applications for this versatile ingredient.

Right Sidebar

A right column layout example. The sidebar is independent from the Mainbody so can have multiple rows and columns, separate from the Mainbody area.

Flexible Layouts

Gantry 5 benefits from a flexible and intuitive, drag & drop layout manager. You can add as many rows and blocks to each section as you desire, and configure their distance to intervals of 1%.

Each block has individual controls, such as an autocomplete select box for box variations, as well as individual CSS fields.