About Us

Quality assurance

Our company, along with milk processors, product and ingredient manufacturers, scientists, government safety specialists and representatives of consumer and dairy institutions—works to ensure U.S. products meet strict U.S. regulatory standards and surpass customer and consumer expectations and requirements for quality and safety. Well established laws, standards, traditions and values make U.S. Dairy a trusted partner for food and beverage companies and foodservice institutions around the world. The U.S. dairy industry wants to be the go-to choice for nutritious, fresh and wholesome dairy products and ingredients. So steps are taken from farm to table to consistently ensure delivery of nutritious, fresh and wholesome dairy products.

Product safety

Biotwo Corp. has a working knowledge of the regulatory system in the United States as well as all requirements in countries to which they are exporting so they can assure customers that products are safe and wholesome. The formulation of regulations is a multiparty coordination of regulatory agencies and the industry.

Biotwo Corp was established in Chicago IL in 1997. We contract dairy products with major suppliers in the US to secure volume, and competitive prices. We also offer financing and technical advice and distribution solutions to our customers.